What started the Nicki Minaj and Latto beef?

Nicki Minaj;The issue started when Minaj, 39, was unhappy with news she heard about the upcoming 65th GRAMMY Awards.

She was told that her hit song, Super Freaky Girl, would be removed from the Rap category and instead placed in the running for Best Pop Solo Performance.

This caused Nicki to bring Latto into the mix, as she was not happy that her song will be moved while Latto’s track, Big Energy, will remain in the hip-hop category.

What did Nicki Minaj say?

Nicki first took to Instagram Live to express her frustrations in a video that she since posted to her account feed.

In the video, Nicki remarked: “Super Freaky Girl — where I only rapped on the song — was removed out of Rap categories at the GRAMMYs, right… and put in Pop.”

Minaj continued: “If Super Freaky Girl is a pop song, what song is Big Energy? What genre is big energy?”

These comments prompted Latto to post to Twitter: “Damn I can’t win for losing… all these awards/noms I can’t even celebrate”

How did the feud continue?

The feud quickly went down a more personal path, with the two women making remarks about the other’s age and exchanging harsh words back and forth.

Latto then created the hashtag “#40yroldbully” and called Nicki “meticulous w her shade.”

She also shared direct messages between her and Nicki in which both women expressed their confusion about the situation.

Lato then tweeted: “With all this being said this wasn’t JUST about a Grammy category.

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“U being funny bringing me up to defend ur case knowing our last convo didn’t end on good terms.

“U literally told me I’m not ‘flourishing’ and no one cares about my ‘little song’ otp lol @NICKIMINAJ.”

The dialogue took a more serious note when they went on to argue about the various sexual assault allegations that have been brought against Minaj’s family, with Latto accusing Nicki of being “married AND related to f****** rapists.”

While Nicki has since appeared to be more calm on her Twitter account, it does not appear that the feud has been resolved.

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