Things You Should Never Forget to Bring to A Job Interview – While preparing yourself mentally and gathering every other thing you need to physically look ready for an interview, you also need to take some things along with you.
Things You Should Never Forget to Bring to A Job Interview
Below are five useful things you’ll need to show you’re 100% prepared for a job interview.


Yes, we know you have submitted your CV, but there is nothing wrong if you go for a job interview with more copies of the CV and other documents.
Here is why this is important. Hiring managers are always busy, they might forget to print out the ones you submitted. So, save them the stress of looking for it or printing it out by providing them with another copy of your CV. That alone could endear you to them.


Get a folder and neatly arrange your credentials. Don’t carry them loosely like newspapers. This shows you’re organized which is a soft skill many employers are looking for.


This is very important. If you have worked or working in the creative industry like fashion, journalism, digital marketing, advertising, graphics, Arts and Designs and so on, you need to take samples of your work to a job interview.


To show you’re genuinely interested in a job, it is important you ask the hiring managers some questions. So you need to prepare your questions ahead of the interview and don’t ever say you don’t have a question at the end of a job interview.


Don’t leave at home. You’ll need it. You’ll need to punctuate the job conversation with smiles. It will give you a positive attitude. It’ll show you’re excited about the job. However, don’t overdo it. Remember it’s a job interview, not a comedy show.