Six types of women that are good in bed – Sex is as old as human beings. Sex has been revolving from generation to generation. So it’s something we can freely talk about and nobody is agnostic about it because we all are a result of sex.
Of all the activities one can enjoy in the world, sex is easily in the top ten. It’s better than playing or watching soccer and more satisfying than eating pizza or gobbling the expensive liquor in town.
Six types of women that are good in bed
Of all the activities one can enjoy in the world, sex is easily in the top ten. There are specific types of women that men prefer when it comes to having sex.

Brown women
Nothing fires up men like a light-skinned woman. Those brown thighs will leave any sexualized man craving to fondle them or do anything manly on them. It’s like anything brown turns men on, into sex percussions. Men say, brown women, boost their sexual drive making them randier.
Short women
Men drool over short women. They say that short women are good in bed. According to some men, short women are easy to engage in different sex positions owing to their flexibility and malleability (they cannot break down). Tall women, especially those slim are troublesome and fragile (they can easily collapse and disjoint).
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Fat women
Men say fat women are so intimate during sex. Their soft bodies ooze erotic oomph and are so responsive during sex activities. They also say such women easily orgasm and one sexual act will dissipate their sexual appetite. Most men say that slim women have the inability to be satiated sexually.
Talkative women
A number of men say women who talk much attract them. Such women tend to be friendly to them, arousing them sexually. They also say a talkative woman will make sex more enjoyable. Reserved women turn men off and make the worst sex partners.
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Make-up free women
Men say women who are simple and natural, stimulate them sexually. While women in make-up annoy and offset one’s sexual thirst. According to most men, those thick layers of make-up, thwart the sexual stamina. This is because sex starts as imagination in one’s mind, they contrive such women as fake and plastic.
‘Big’ mamas
Men say these types of women are really good in bed. Their body size is cushioning and sexually fulfilling. Big mamas play pleasurable sex.