~  2022 Swansea University Sanctuary Scholarship  ~

Swansea University is now accepting applications from suitably qualified students for their Swansea University Sanctuary Scholarship. It is a fully funded scholarship for all students.

About the Scholarship

The Swansea University Sanctuary Scholarship is awarded to a postgraduate taught master’s program eligible students each academic year. It covers the student’s full tuition fee bursary, the cost of postgraduate taught master’s course fees and other related costs.

The University is committed to providing equal opportunities in higher education for people seeking sanctuary in the UK and aiding them to meet their full potential and ambitions.

Aim of Swansea University Sanctuary Scholarship

1. A full tuition fee bursary, to cover the cost of postgraduate, taught master’s course fees.

2. Additional funds will be available to help towards course-related costs, such as travel to and from University, subsistence costs, digital equipment and books.

Requirements for Scholarship

1. Applicants must meet all the following criteria to be considered eligible to apply for the Swansea University Sanctuary Scholarship. You are:

2. You are a Person Seeking Asylum in the UK.

3. You have been granted discretionary leave to remain or Humanitarian Protection.

4. You are the partner/dependent included on the application of an asylum seeker in the UK.

5. Plus additional eligible conditions not stated here.

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Application Deadline

June 30, 2022

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